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01.-03.03.2024 Celestial Darkness Festival, London (UK)
02.05.2024 Karmoygeddon Metal Festival, Karmoy (Norway)
02.06.2024 Lions Metal Fest, Montagny (France)
19.-22.06.2024 Nummirock Festival, Nummijärvi (Finland)


11.11.2023 (Sunholy Finnish Tour) Lahti, Torvi w/ Firtan
10.11.2023 (Sunholy Finnish Tour) Tampere, YO-talo w/ Firtan
04.11.2023 (Sunholy Finnish Tour) Oulu, Kantakrouvi
28.10.2023 (Sunholy Finnish Tour) Seinäjoki, Bar 15
14.10.2023 Helsinki, Bar Loose w/ In Vain
13.10.2023 Kuopio, Ottopoika w/ In Vain
12.08.2023 Kotka, Honkala - Dark River Festival 2023
01.12.2022 Kuopio, Ottopoika w/ Destinity
02.12.2022 Tampere, Varjobaari w/ Destinity
03.12.2022 Helsinki, Lepakkomies w/ Destinity
20.06.2019 Salzburg (AUT) - Rockhouse Salzburg
19.06.2019 Milan (ITA) - Slaughter Club
18.06.2019 Ljubljana (SLO) - Orto Bar
17.06.2019 Graz (AUT) - Club Q
16.06.2019 Vienna (AUT) - Viper Room Vienna
15.06.2019 Cerveny Kostelec (CZE) - Metalgate Czech Deathfest
14.06.2019 Osnabruck (GER) - Bastard Club
13.06.2019 Tilburg (NLD) - LittleDevil Bar
12.06.2019 Arnhem (NLD) - Willemeen
11.06.2019 London (UK) - The Underworld Camden
10.06.2019 Roeselare (BEL) - De Verlichte Geest
25.05.2019 Kuopio (Ottopoika, Hatefeast) w/ Demilich, Survivors Zero & Soulfallen
24.05.2019 Kuopio (Ottopoika, Hatefeast) w/ Ereb Altor & Winterwolf
23.05.2019 Tampere (Yo-talo, Hatefeast) w/ Ereb Altor & Soulfallen
22.05.2019 Helsinki (On The Rocks, Hatefeast) w/ Ereb Altor & Soulfallen
02.05.2019 Karmoy (NO) - Karmoygeddon Metal Festival
16.2.2019 HRH Metal, Birmingham (GB)
15.2.2019 New Cross Inn, London (GB) w/ Temnein
24.11.2018 Vernissa, Vantaa (FI)
4.8.2018 Metal Club Mökä, Espoo (FI)
24.7.2018 Metal DAYS, TOLMIN, (SLO)
22.7.2018 Altherax Music, Nice (FRA)
21.7.2018 Move Your Fucking Brain Fest, Barcelona (SP)
20.7.2018 Secret Place, Montpellier (FRA)
18.7.2018 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes (FRA)
17.7.2018 Gibus Live, Paris (FRA)
16.7.2018 Musicon, Den Haag (NED)
15.7.2018 Le Cercle, Chapelle-lez-herlaimont (BEL)
14.7.2018 Turock, Essen (GER)
13.7.2018 IN FLAMMEN Open Air, Torgau (GER)
12.5.2018 Dark Troll Festival IV 2018 (GER)
11.5.2018 Cult Art Club, Nijverdal (NED)
10.5.2018 De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare (BEL)
9.5.2018 ResonanzWerk, Oberhausen (GER)
8.5.2018 Bastard Club, Osnabruk (GER)
7.5.2018 Alte Zuckerfabrik, Rostock (GER)
6.5.2018 Chemifabrik, Dresden (GER)
5.5.2018 Alte Brauerei e.V., Annaberg (GER)
4.5.2018 Gladhouse Cottbus, Cottbus (GER)
3.5.2018 Viper Room, Vienna (AUT)
28.4.2018 Nosturi, Helsinki (FI)
27.4.2018 Yo-talo, Tampere (FI)
21.4.2018 WS arena, Vaasa (FI)
20.4.2018 Hevimesta, Oulu (FI)
7.4.2018 Tuiskula, Nivala (FI)
14.11.2017 Maximum Rock Festival, Bucharest (RO)
1.10.2017 Shibuya CYCLONE, Tokyo (JPN)
30.9.2017 Daikanyama UNIT, Tokyo (JPN)
28.9.2017 Shinsaibashi SOMA, Osaka (JPN)
2017 Nummirock
18.4.2015 PRKL Club, Helsinki
23.1.2015 YO-talo, Tampere
29.11.2014 Nosturi, Helsinki
Borgnagar, Atena
15.8.2014 Dark River Festival, Kotka
4.4.2014 Kerubi, Joensuu

Niflheim Festival Tour 2014:
15.3.2014 Zrich, Dynamo (CH)
14.3.2014 Romagnano Sesia, Rockn'roll Arena (IT)
13.3.2014 Rome, Traffic (IT)
12.3.2014 Montecchio Maggiore, E20 Underground (IT)
11.3.2014 Budapest, Durer Kert (HU)
10.3.2014 Berlin, K17 (DE)
9.3.2014 Wroclaw, Alibi (PL)
8.3.2014 Oberhausen, Helvete (DE)
7.3.2014 Erfurt, From Hell (DE)

8.2.2014 Klubi, Turku, w/ Wolfheart
7.2.2014 On The Rocks, Helsinki, w/ Wolfheart
1.2.2014 Rytmikatti, Kouvola, w/ Wolfheart
31.1.2014 YO-Talo, Tampere, w/ Wolfheart
25.1.2014 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, w/ Wolfheart
24.1.2014 Lutakko, Jyväskylä, w/ Wolfheart
23.1.2014 Henrys Pub, Kuopio, w/ Wolfheart
14.11.2013 M/S Baltic Princess, Akateeminen heviristeily 2013 (TYRMY) / Academic heavy cruise 2013 (TYRMY)
29.6.2013 The Circus, Helsinki, Tuska after-party with Turmion Kätilöt
17.12.2011 Nosturi, Helsinki
24.10.2009 Henry's Pub, Kuopio
6.2.2009 Frostbite Metal Fest, Lahti
24.1.2009 Henry's Pub, Kuopio

Hammer Battallion European tour:
7.12.2008 Warsaw, Progresja (POL)
6.12.2008 Berlin, K17 (GER)
5.12.2008 Hannover, Musikzentrum (GER)
4.12.2008 Vienna, Szene (A)
3.12.2008 Traun, Spinnerei (A)
1.12.2008 Piacenza, For Sale (ITA)
30.11.2008 Colmar, Grillen (FR)
29.11.2008 Erstfeld, Transilvania Live (CH)
28.11.2008 Trier, Exhaus (GER)
27.11.2008 Worgl, Komma (A)
26.11.2008 Stuttgart, LKA-Longhorn (GER)
25.11.2008 Geneve, L'Usine (CH)

14.11.2008 Colisium Music Expo, St. Petersburg (RUS)
13.11.2008 Sputnik, Tampere
29.10.2008 Hevimesta, Oulu
5.9.2008 Rocktown, Hämeenlinna
25.7.2008 Kuopio Rockcock, Kuopio
15.7.2008 Henry's Pub, Kuopio, Toothrock
27.6.2008 Tuska Open Air, Helsinki
19.6.2008 Nummirock, Nummijärvi
14.6.2008 Kasisali, Lahti
9.5.2008 Painotalo, Äänekoski
19.4.2008 Night Life Rock, Helsinki
12.4.2008 Nuorisokeskus 44, Kuopio
5.4.2008 Galaxy, Pieksämäki
4.4.2008 Karjalantalo, Joensuu
29.3.2008 Teatria, Oulu, Jalometalli Winter Fest
28.3.2008 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä
15.3.2008 Henry's Pub, Kuopio
7.3.2008 BAR15, Seinäjoki
12.2.2008 Ljubljana, Media Park (SLO), Hammer Battallion European tour
30.6.2007 Nosturi, Helsinki, Tuska Open Air after party
18.11.2006 Nuorisokeskus 44, Kuopio
5.10.2006 Sputnik, Tampere
22.9.2006 Popkomm, Berlin (GER)
20.9.2006 On The Rocks, Helsinki
28.7.2006 Qstock, Oulu
21.7.2006 Jrisrock, Suonenjoki
25.6.2005 Nummirock, Nummijärvi
24.7.2003 Jrisrock, Suonenjoki

Hämäläinen - Vocals

Mantere - Bass

Sirkkiä - Guitars

Rasane - Drums

Kivimäki - Guitars


Unspeakably brutal guitar patterns, multi-layered and yet beautiful synth walls, ingenious arrangements combined with electronics, devastating drum parts, complex bass assaults and the unique vocals coming straight from the deep pits of Hell!

Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed its own genre. After three demos they inked deal with Italian label Avantgarde Records. Soon after that Shade Empire was ready to record the first full length album titled as ‘Sinthetic’ (2004). ‘Sinthetic’ got praising reviews from all over the world and also the fan base grew enormously worldwide!

In January 2006 Shade Empire entered the famous Studio Perkele to record the follow up to ‘Sinthetic’. In May 2006 Shade Empire unleashed the next album, ‘Intoxicate O.S’. ‘Intoxicate O.S’ was a huge success. In its opening week it achieved position 25 in the Official Finnish Charts!

Fourth album Omega Arcane was released through Candlelight Records in 2014. The album consists of 11 songs and totals over 74 minutes in length! ‘Omega Arcane’ is massive, a heavily orchestrated concept album and took the band´s sound to a whole new level. Omega Arcane hit the official Finnish charts to position 13. After the album release band had numerous gigs in Finland and European tour with Borknagar etc.

The fifth album Poetry Of The Ill-Minded hit the streets in spring 2017 through Spinefarm UK/Universal. Once again the newest album shows out how the band is capable to recur and develop it´s sound to even further from the Omega Arcane´s massiveness. Poetry Of The Ill-Minded is the most advanced and epic opus in band´s catalogue.

Shade Empire has done several tours in Europe with such bands as Krisiun, Unleashed, Borknagar, Illdisposed, Hate and Nordjevel and many more. They have toured also Japan and played on many European festivals like Metal Days (SLO), Maximum Rock Festival (RO), Darktroll Festival (GER), Move Your Fucking Brain (SP), Tuska Open Air (FIN), Nummirock (FIN) etc. More tours and festival shows are already booked and coming.

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